Going through a divorce is an emotionally challenging and traumatic experience. No one can possibly comprehend the toll it takes on your mental and emotional health. Divorces often turn into a messy situation especially if child custody is involved. Divorces aren’t only hard for the ex-partners but also for the children. No child wants to go back and forth to court sessions only to discover which parent will get the custody. It is not only heart-wrenching but also a pretty petrifying experience a child might have to face. When you are facing a trial with child custody face, it is absolutely normal to be emotional but it is important to remember that one false move can totally turn your case upside down. This is why we have pinpointed 7 common child custody mistakes to avoid after divorce case. If you’re going through it, let us help you out by offering our advice.

Communication Breakdown With Your Ex

It is understandable that things can get a lot tense after divorce but communicating with your ex about your child is crucial. Courts and judges usually favor those parents who can prioritize their kids over their disputes. If you think that it will be difficult for you to communicate directly, you can consider using a co-parenting app or emails to communicate. This will also help you to document all the communication you have ever had with your ex. However, always avoid getting into heated arguments as they can be used against you in the trial. It is best to use such platforms for clear and concise messages.

Disrupting the Child’s Routine

 A child suffers more than the parents going through the divorce. A little disruption in the child’s routine after divorce can make things worse than before. Try to maintain their existing routines as much as possible, including school schedules, extracurricular activities, and bedtimes. You can ask about the child routine from your ex to make sure that no disruption occurs. A better approach is to make a shared calender where you both note down the activities and routines. 

Visiting Prohibition

Another major blunder that many parents can make in emotions is to restrain the other parent from visiting their kid. Unless there is a legitemate safety concern documented by law enforcement or child protective services, it is not advised to deny the visitation. Court can view such act as indifference which will ultimately weaken your case. If there are certain safety concerns, it is better to consult a lawyer to get insights on what is better and how you should protect your kid. Do not badmouth your ex in court sessions or use your child as a pawn to withhold the visitation. 

Not Following Court’s Orders

If you’re in a trial you must understand the complexeties of it. Whatever orders that courts give, it is your utmost duty to abide by them. In case you have any issue with the court’s order then going through your attorney is the right. A communication through proper channels can save you from voiling the law and worsening your child custody case. Always remember that your actions are responsible for your case. If you violate the law and order, it can mess up a lot of things and can even lead to strict actions against you. Charges like kidnapping or being held in contempt of court can also occur.

Making Your Child Negative

Children are innocent, whatever emotions you’ll feed in their mind it will leave a strong impact. You must realize that your words hold power so no matter how many disagreements you have with your ex, never talk negatively about them in front of your kid. Similarly, don’t pressurize them into taking sides. Leave them all on their own free will and treat them in better way than before. You can also take co-parenting sessions so that your child doesn’t go through distress or loyalty issues.

Not Hiring Attorney

Child custody cases can be extremely complex. Don’t try to handle it all on your own as it can do more loss than benefit. Hiring a reliable family law attorney can strengthen your child custody case to a great extent. They can advise you on your rights, represent you effectively in court, and ensure your voice is heard and your best interests, and most importantly, the best interests of your children, are advocated for throughout the process.

Inability to Pay Child’s Support

Being financially weak is yet another challenge that you might have to face. If a court has ordered child’s support, it is your duty to fulfill it at all costs. Inability to do so can make court favor the other party. Financial stability signifies your ability to provide for your child. If you execute it poorly then you may lose this custody case. If you experience a financial hardship, consult with your attorney about possible modifications to the child support order, but don’t simply stop making payments.  Create a budget and demonstrate financial responsibility to the court.

Wrapping Up

The main goal of any custody arrangement is to pick and choose the most safe and dependable environment for the kid where he feels shielded and can be nurtured with love and care. By avoiding the common mistakes that were mentioned in this extensive guide  and prioritizing open communication, respect, and cooperation, you can increase your chances of reaching a favorable custody agreement that benefits everyone involved.  You should focus on what truly matters: your children’s well-being and a healthy co-parenting relationship with your ex

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